Weddings/Hand Crafted Ceremonies

Celebrate Partnership

A hand-crafted ceremony that authentically represents you and your partner can be moving, delightful and feel incredible for all involved. It can be engaging and relaxed, super personal because it will be filled with your stories, and be a celebration of both your partnership and love.

Using research and experience, I will suggest possible one-of-a-kind celebration options that embrace and reflect your love story.

I will weave your stories, personalities, spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs, ethnic or cultural backgrounds and personal values into an exquisite and unique ceremonial tapestry.


I always seek to be an inclusive and welcoming celebrant, sensitive to people’s needs and experiences based on age, race, ethnicity, ability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexuality, gender identity/expression, socio-economic status or political beliefs. Who you are is welcome here.

Legal or Ceremonial, it’s all Love

​You don’t need to get legally married to celebrate your love. I get it, marriage might be an institution you want nothing to do with. I treat commitment ceremonies with the same significance and respect and would be thrilled to help you honour your love.

Handcrafted Ceremony

As your celebrant, I would be honoured to gather your stories and share them with your community. I will guide you through a relaxed, easy and fun ceremony creation process. I will ask you to tell me about your relationship journey and aspirations for the ceremony through an initial Zoom online conversation and face-to face meetings. Based on the information you provide about your stories, personalities, values, interests, politics, ethnic or cultural heritages and identities, spiritual or religious beliefs or non-beliefs, I will research and suggest possible one-of-a-kind celebration options that embrace and reflect your love story, and together we’ll decide on a ceremony structure and elements or rituals that speak to you. We will work together to edit each part until you feel: “Yes! This is what I want!”

I’m excited to offer you:

  • A free 30 minute video consultation to start in order to meet each other and let you ask any questions
  • Convenient digital forms and online payment
  • I take the time to get to know you and your stories and what is important to you
  • A 2 hour, relaxed, brainstorming meeting where I offer you lots of ceremony options
  • Working with a ceremony professional who is dedicated full-time to this work, and has the experience of creating several ceremonies
  • Resources to help you write vows
  • Access to my curated list of ceremony readings
  • Unlimited correspondence and revisions as we finalize the ceremony
  • A totally custom, beautifully written, personal ceremony you will love
  • Day-of I work with anyone involved in the ceremony–venue staff, musicians, photographers–to ensure everything unfolds smoothly
  • My signature friendly, welcoming, professional officiating skill and style
  • A printed and digital keepsake of the ceremony
  • Processing and submitting all the legal paperwork (in the case of a legal wedding)

Handcrafted Ceremony investment:  Starting at $300

Rehearsal:  $125
Because I always arrive to the ceremony 1 hour ahead of time and check-in with everyone participating in the ceremony, rehearsals are often not needed. Rehearsals can be helpful in cases where a more complex ritual action needs planned out, or where you really want the peace of mind of running through things. If you prefer to run the rehearsal yourself, I can provide you with some rehearsal notes to help you out, at no additional cost.


From my home in Hamilton I can travel to ceremonies in Burlington, Waterdown, Dundas and Grimsby and surrounding area. Small travel fees may apply for ceremony locations over 30km from my home in Hamilton –typically between $25 and $50. In our free, 30 min consult I can quote fees for your location.

I offer a limited number of ceremonies each year on a sliding scale. If my fees are a barrier, then contact me to discuss your options.

Meaningful Moment     $250 to $400

Meaningful Moment is a simple and meaningful dialogue facilitated by me where as a couple you tell me some of your story of love and we ensure we fulfill the legal requirements of marriage.  This option is structured so that only you the couple and your two witnesses attend. This option is a relaxed and playful alternative to a civil marriage ceremony at city hall, and is well-suited to couples who are having a friend performing their main wedding ceremony, or for fulfilling legal marriage requirements prior to leaving the country for your wedding.

Prices vary depending largely on travel time and your needs.

Please contact me to check availability. If you are planning on having guests at your wedding ceremony or adding other ritual elements then my custom wedding ceremony services are your best fit.

Let's Connect

Ready to explore your ceremony needs? I offer a free 30 minute video chat to start our process. That way you can meet me and ask any questions you have before deciding to work together. ​