Life Cycle Ceremonies

Every life is extraordinary and filled with cycles of beginnings and endings that are either celebratory or challenging or both. We are evolving creatures and ceremony helps us to embrace transition and change.

It is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the significant events in our lives. An opportunity to gather your loved ones with you to witness and support these cycles and phases and to provide tradition and meaning for your family. Be it preparing for parenthood, child welcoming, retirement or elderhood, divorce or uncoupling.

Ceremony Consultation:
Do you feel comfortable creating your own ceremonies for you and your family and just need some support or an introduction to your options? I am available to meet with you and help you define and discover what is meaningful for you in this transition and how to put that in to ceremony form.

Create and Lead Ceremony:
It is often healing and supportive to have someone in the role of ceremony leader so that you and your loved ones can stay present in the emotions of the experience. I can facilitate a relaxed ceremony creation process and also lead a ceremony.

Fees begin at $300 for milestone ceremonies.

Here are some examples of the types of ceremonies I can help you create:

Preparing for Parenthood

Prepare for the journey of becoming parents, whether a child arrives by birth or adoption. 

Child Welcoming

Celebrating and welcoming the arrival of a new child to a community.

Retirement or Elderhood

Honour and move with intention into this phase of life

Personal difficulty

Bring healing, call in supports, and lead to acceptance of personal challenges such as illness.


Marking and making meaning of this ending and new beginning.

Major Career Shifts

Navigate the identity shaking change of major career shifts.

Let's Connect

Ready to explore your ceremony needs? I offer a free 30 minute video chat to start our process. That way you can meet me and ask any questions you have before deciding to work together. ​