Honour a Life

Funerals, memorials or end-of-life celebrations are an opportunity to begin the grieving and healing process amid or after the death of someone we care about – they are a doorway into grief. In gathering together, we witness and support each other as we enter the vulnerable and groundless space of loss.

We simultaneously create a space of love, reflection and celebration as memories and stories are shared.

End-of-life ceremonies can take on any tone you wish—they can feel like a party, a meditation, or a campfire sing-along. The location of the service or event is of your choosing and can include a funeral home or chapel, the home of the deceased, in their gardens or fields, a favourite trail, park or forest, on the shore of a lake or at the edge of a river, in a pub or restaurant, a gallery or hall, on a golf course, or on the water. The service can be done in the immediate wake of death or arranged for a later date, such as a favourite time of year or on another significant day or the anniversary of the birth or death of the person who has passed on.

Ceremony Options

​Handcrafted Funeral, Memorial, or End-of-Life Celebration       

I can propose a diverse array of ceremonies and services to meet the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones—be it through funerals, memorials or end-of-life celebration ceremonies, graveside ceremonies, ash scattering ceremonies, or tribute or dedication ceremonies (for example, the dedication of a memorial bench or tree).


Through facilitated conversations with those closest to the recently deceased, I gather information about your loved one. Based on their personality, values, life story, and beliefs, I then offer suggestions for each element of the ceremony. I research and write a service that truly reflects and honours the life and wishes of your loved one and thier families. The ceremony is edited in a collaborative process, and those closest to the person who has died have final approval over ceremony structure and content. I liaise with those involved in coordinating the ceremony, such as funeral home staff, or death doulas. I bring my skill and experience as a trained speaker and actor to the officiating of the ceremony, skilfully weaving the desired tone and feel for the observance. After the gathering, I gift loved ones with a keepsake hard copy of the ceremony script.

Prenatal and Early Infant Loss        

The grief of prenatal and early infant loss is real and valid; it is also something that our culture doesn’t always make room for. Creating space to grieve is vital and healing, whether through a private ceremony or ritual just for the parent(s) and caregivers, or if it also includes additional friend and family supports.

Pre-Need Funerals

I offer the option to facilitate the co-creation of end-of-life ceremonies with people while they are in the last stages of life or with those wishing to plan ahead for their funeral ceremony. Through tender exploration, I will guide you to reflect on what kind of ceremony, service, or party you wish to have. The death of a loved one can be overwhelming, and I consider creating your own service as a gift to your loved ones because it both clearly communicates your wishes and also frees your loved ones to focus on their emotional process of grieving, celebrating, and letting go.

Living Funerals

Living funerals give you the option to create a ceremony honouring your life story and the connections you hold dear while you are alive. Living funerals can be a tender means of expressing your appreciation for your relationships and connections, and, equally, to feel the care, love, and support from those who surround you.

Pet tributes    

Our companion animals are members of our family and their loss is felt in the everyday small moments after their passing. I can help you create the space to acknowledge your grief and begin to move through it. Pet loss is often one of the first experiences of death for children, and the process can be a significant moment to shape and guide their framing of, interaction with, and understanding of death.


Fees for creating handcrafted funeral and memorial services, pre-need services, or living funerals start at $500 and depend of the types of service(s) being created and the scope of the service(s). Prenatal or Infant Loss, Pet Tributes, Graveside ceremonies, Ash Scatterings, or otherwise small and simple ceremonies start at $250. Please contact me for a no-obligation conversation about your needs and interests, and I will then provide an estimate of my fees. I offer a limited number of ceremonies each year on a sliding scale. If my fees are a barrier, then contact me to discuss your options.

Let's Connect

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