Meet Corinne Lye

Life Celebrant


Corinne Lye – Your Officiant

There is something special and magical about watching a bride with her attendants walking down the aisle. No two weddings are alike and regardless of pre-wedding jitters, I offer warmth and comfort so that everything runs smoothly for every couple I work with. Couples have told me they were overjoyed with the dedication and personalization I infuse into their ceremony.

I am inclusive, welcoming and have a wonderful sense of humour. Each and every ceremony is hand-written for the couple based on a very detailed and customized questionnaire. I love what I do because I curate and craft each couple’s special love story and insert readings that echo their characteristics and journey to their special day.

What Path Led You To Be an Officiant?

My journey began while I was studying to become a Minister. In addition, I have a background in Television Broadcasting. Writing has always been a passion that I’ve kept up with and won awards for, and speaking in front of audiences and guests brings me joy. What better way to bring profession and passion together than to ignite your day with this beautiful energy?

A Little More About Me:

I have travelled extensively in Asia and have seen the wonders of Angkor Wat. While I was working with a Tibetan Monastery in India, I was fortunate enough met HH the Dalai Lama. What an amazing experience!  I love learning new cuisines, so in every country I visit I make a point of doing classes. Halong Bay in Vietnam is spectacular as I stayed on a junk. I use Malaysia as a home base and travel around. Bali is a must for women to be pampered. I also did my first and only scuba dive it was so cool to see the colourful fishes and even touch them. The Caribbean is also special to me as I was born in South America. You would think every island is similar but there are so many unique traits for each. I was a dramatist in Barbados so that gave me the opportunity to travel to the other islands. My favourite is Monserrat.


Dipl Advanced Arts, Television Broadcasting (Hons)

Years of experience in Management in a variety of fields.

Working with International students for over 20 +years

Certificates for Creative Writing.

Background and Training

My Celebrant training is through the  Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I) based in Newark, New Jersey.

For nine months I studied part-time the fundamentals of ceremony creation and ritual theory, specifically the creation of wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, and milestone anniversary ceremonies. I have also studied the creation of funerals, memorials and end of life celebrations.

I am registered with the Registrar General of Ontario to perform legal weddings anywhere in the province of Ontario.


I always seek to be an inclusive and welcoming celebrant, sensitive to people’s needs and experiences based on age, race, ethnicity, ability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexuality, gender identity/expression, socio-economic status or political beliefs. Who you are is honoured here.

Celebrant Foundation & Institute

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a non-profit educational organization based in Newark, New Jersey dedicated to training Celebrant officiants.  Graduates of The Celebrant Foundation and Institute are distinguished with the title Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®. All Life-Cycle Celebrants work to reflect the beliefs of those we work with. That means I impose no spiritual or religious beliefs on your ceremony. I listen to what is important to you and put that in the ceremony.

Let's Connect

Ready to explore your ceremony needs? I offer a free 30 minute video chat to start our process. That way you can meet me and ask any questions you have before deciding to work together. ​