Welcome to Corinne's Life's Journey

Your life is a magnificent story, full of significant events and transitions. Those moments that make you think “this is a big deal. I feel like I want to do something to mark it.” The timeless power of practices and ceremony can support you. Whether you are gathering your nearest and dearest around you to help you celebrate, to support you as you grieve a loss, or to move through a challenging or powerful shift in life circumstances. I would be honoured to travel the path with you, to help you discover what these shifts and events mean to you and what would feel like a significant way to honour your stories using ceremony. I am spiritual but non-denominational.

What is a Life Cycle Celebrant? 

A Life Cycle Celebrant is an individual who is ‘called’ to the meaningful work of creating ritual and meaning in people’s lives. 

We are specialists in ceremony design, personalizing transitions in people’s lives through remembrance and memory making. 

A Life Cycle Celebrant brings the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to help you  create an authentic personalized ceremony to acknowledge the meaningful milestones in all of life’s celebrations and challenges. 


A ceremony that authentically represents you and your partner can be moving, delightful, and feel fantastic for all involved. It can be engaging and relaxed, super personal because it’s filled with your stories, and be a celebration of both your partnership and your community.

I will weave your stories, personalities, spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs, ethnic or cultural backgrounds, personal politics, and values into an exquisite and unique ceremonial tapestry.


Funerals, memorials, and end-of-life ceremonies are an opportunity to begin the grieving and healing process amid or after the death of someone we care about—they are a doorway into grief. In gathering together, we witness and support each other as we enter the vulnerable and groundless space of loss.

We simultaneously create a space of reflection, love, and celebration as stories and memories are shared.


Every life is extraordinary and filled with cycles of beginnings and endings that are either celebratory or challenging, or both. We are meaning-making creatures and ceremony helps us embrace transition and change.

It is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the significant events in our lives.

I can facilitate a relaxed ceremony creation process and also lead a ceremony.

Let's Connect

Ready to explore your ceremony needs? I offer a free 30 minute video chat to start our process. That way you can meet me and ask any questions you have before deciding to work together. ​